Your Full Day Wedding

Full Day Wedding Offer at a Glance

An eight-hour window of time is available for your event, with an earliest starting time at 3pm and latest end time at 12am.

The property includes three unique spaces: the 166 year old Carriage Barn, Spring Hill with its large fire pit for an optional bonfire and its Hilltop Pavilion, and the majestic Pine Grove.

The wedding couple, or the bride and bridesmaids, have access to two prep rooms on the property, starting the morning of the wedding day at 10am.

The afternoon previous to the wedding day is available to drop off items, decorate, or have a ceremony rehearsal, from 3pm till 7pm.

The estate is a combination of indoor and outdoor event space, with solid rain plans in place.

A full day wedding offers the option of a finale with a spectacular, large-size bonfire, which we’ll build in the days running up to your wedding.

Maximum capacity for a full day wedding is 140 guests, including the couple, and any children.

As part of the venue hire, The Roxbury Barn & Estate provides the setup of your ceremony chairs, cocktail tables and chairs, dinner tables and chairs, exceptional service, and an excellent staff.

All food & beverage is provided by the caterer of your choice. Of course, we’ll gladly advise you on a great, local match.

Located in the Central Catskills, just over a mile away from historic downtown Roxbury, NY, we are two and a half hours away from New York City.

We host full day wedding events from mid May till mid October.



Your Wedding in the Catskills

Imagine your guests entering the estate through our forest at a rolling field, surrounded by mountains and trees. A ceremony in the shades of our majestic pine grove. Cocktails by the pavilion on top of Spring Hill, with breathtaking vistas all around. Dining on a country feast supplied by the numerous local organic farms. Dancing in our elegant carriage barn, overlooking a beautifully lit, tree lined lawn and lily pond. Ending your day with a towering bonfire under the stars…

quote The Roxbury Barn is absolutely magical


All the help you need

Of course, we understand that planning a wedding isn’t your typical routine endeavor. And planning a Catskills wedding, away from home, might seem a little challenging. But not to worry.

With plenty of hands-on experience, we can help you organize your destination event in a pleasant, secure and solid way. From the get-go, we’ll determine any of your needs and wishes, and we’ll offer you our highly praised Green List of vendor recommendations. From fiddlers and officiants, to cake bakers and farm-to-table caterers, our solid and very extensive Green List will help you discover and map out the best of our region. All our recommendations are solely based on quality and experience, by the way, and never on commissions or kickbacks.

We’ll also offer you floor plans with over a dozen seating arrangements, sparing you a lot of puzzling hours, and our Lodging List, offering you and your guests an extensive and detailed listing of over 125 accommodation options in our area.

We’ll answer all your questions as they pop up in the planning process, and invite you to plan site visits, like a walk through with your caterer.

More than just a venue, The Roxbury Barn & Estate offers expert service by our personable staff. On the afternoon previous to a full day wedding, couples may drop off items, work on decor, and have a ceremony rehearsal assisted by our venue manager. A time window from 3pm till 7pm is reserved for these options.

To ensure the privacy of your wedding, The Roxbury Barn & Estate also offers exclusive use of the property on your wedding day. It’s your day.

Our team is present from start to finish during your big day, when we set up and break down the ceremony site and reception areas, manage the arrival and settling in of your guests, help vendors find their way, light and monitor the optional bonfire, and make sure things stay tidy. We’ll do the clean-up, and you have the morning after your wedding to come and collect any left behind items.

Pricing and rental details can be found on the rates page.



Finding Your Caterer

Once you’re officially set on your date at The Roxbury Barn & Estate, finding your caterer is most likely your next big decision. We can help you find the perfect culinary match, through our Green List and our guiding recommendations. Based on our experience with a very diverse group of caterers from the Catskills and Hudson Valley regions, we’ll help you discover the right caterer for your reception.

Catskills Lodging

Another main planning chapter will be the accommodations for you and your guests during your wedding weekend. As all or most of your guests will most likely come to our neck of the woods from elsewhere, being able to offer suitable lodging options for all will be essential for your destination wedding. Fortunately, Roxbury and its surrounding area offer a great range of lodging options for all, and our Lodging List maps those dozens of options out clearly and precise.


Full Day Wedding,
or Afternoon Celebration?

The Roxbury Barn & Estate hosts only one full day event each weekend day from mid May till mid October.

However, as a very affordable alternative, we offer an all-inclusive Afternoon Celebration package for up to 80 guests, available on select Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Find out more about an Afternoon Celebration.