Questions & Answers

Do you host weddings year-round?

catskills-wedding-seasonNo, the Roxbury Barn schedules a limited number of events each year, from mid May till mid October. We only host one full day (8-hour) event per weekend, offering couples the option to to drop off items, decorate or have a ceremony rehearsal on the previous afternoon.

As an intimate alternative to a full day wedding, we also offer couples the option of an elegant, but easy-to-manage Afternoon Celebration, which is available on select Fridays, Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays, from mid May till mid October.

Why the limited season?

The weather and seasons in the Catskills are quite a bit different from downstate New York. Spring and summer start about three weeks later here, late April typically being quite chilly and wet, and nicknamed our ‘mud season’. By early May spring has really kicked in, and everything has turned lush and green.
And though we love hosting events in September and the first half of October, we actually don’t book any events at our barn after the second weekend of October, as temperatures then start dropping dramatically once the sun sets, where as in earlier months evenings tend to be very nice. Fall foliage also tends to come to an end by mid October up here.
Also good to know: unlike New York City, humidity in the Catskills is low in the summer, because of the high elevation, and evenings tend to cool off nicely, even in July and August.
We’ve created a weather page with more details on our Catskills weather.

Can we tour your property?

tour-a-wedding-venueAbsolutely, we’d love to show you the barn and grounds. Just shoot us an email, and we’ll set up an appointment. In the meantime, you can also check out our property map, right here on our site. We’ve also created floor plans of the top two floors of the barn. Both maps are PDF documents which can easily be downloaded to your computer, or printed out straight from your browser. By the way, couples who get married at our barn also receive over a dozen floor plans with suggested seating arrangements, making that part of the planning process a breeze.

What is the payment policy?

In order to arrange a Full Day Wedding, Afternoon Celebration, or Elopement at The Roxbury Barn & Estate, couples are required to sign a venue rental agreement and pay a non-refundable first payment of $3000. The remaining rental fee for a full day wedding will be due eight months before the event. The remaining balance for an Afternoon Celebration is due one month before the event date. Find all the details on our policy page.

Why do you charge $25 per person on top of your base fee for a full wedding day?

Our venue rental fee for a full day wedding is the sum of a base fee and a per-person fee. As a party of 140 will result in greater impact on our grounds, more wear and tear on the property, a bigger clean up, and also will require a larger staff, than for example a party of 60, size of the party really matters. To this point, party size is reflected in the final fee.

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Do you have a list of recommended vendors?

Yes, we’ve named it our Green List. It’s a very extensive and solid list of quality vendors, and it’s made available to all couples who choose our barn for their wedding. Our Green List focuses on all local quality specialists, including caterers, florists, photographers, etc. It gets updated frequently.

And in a line of business that isn’t really known for its transparency, we find it important to stress that our Green List and any other recommendations we make are solely based on quality and experience – we will never offer or receive referral fees or incentives of any kind in exchange for favorable references. All our advice and recommendations are fair and reliable. Period.

Is a bonfire always an option?

bonfire-at-a-weddingBonfires at our place are large and spectacular. We built the bonfire in the days leading up to your wedding, and we also light and monitor the fire. Especially during dryer weather, bonfires require permission from the fire department, and so a bonfire can never be guaranteed. The fee for a bonfire is not included in the rental agreement. In case a bonfire is canceled because of rain or drought, there is of course no charge.

Do you offer lodging options?

We are strictly an event location and don’t offer any overnight accommodations ourselves. However, all couples who book a wedding at our place receive our extensive Lodging List, which offers over 125 lodging options in Roxbury and it’s surrounding hamlets and towns, from B&B’s, hotels, motels to cabins and private home rentals. We encourage couples to share their selection of lodging options with their guests.

What are the minimum & maximum number of guests allowed?

For Full Day Events, we welcome parties with a minimum size of 60 people, and the maximum size of a full day event at our place is 140 people, including children. And yes, that’s a hard number.

For an Afternoon Celebration, the minimum party size is 20, and the maximum party size is 60 people.

Does the barn come with tables and chairs?

Yes. Cushioned wooden chairs and rectangular banquet tables are available to seat all guests for dinner, and vintage wooden folding chairs are available for your ceremony. You may also use our large wooden farm table, for example for your cake or gifts, and our place comes with a variety of outdoor wooden benches and adirondack chairs. We’ve created a helpful breakdown of all items, facilities and services included in the package for a full day wedding at The Roxbury Barn & Estate.

Do you host same sex weddings?

Of course! We are passionate about equal rights, and are happy to live in a place where LGBTQ people live their lives openly and happily. Besides, it’s now the law of the land!
Outdoor Wedding rain plan

Where can we have our ceremony if it rains?

We are prepared for whatever the weather brings our way. We limit our capacity to ensure that your event can continue undisturbed in the event of rain. If there’s a chance of rain before the ceremony starts, we’ll temporary cover up the ceremony setup so chairs stay dry. We do the same with the bonfire. If it were to rain during the ceremony time, you could have your ceremony in our pavilion on top of Spring Hill. It’s a beautiful roofed structure sitting on a 40 by 30 feet wooden deck, offering stunning mountain vistas. The pavilion also gets used as a welcoming area and for cocktails after the ceremony. During smaller Afternoon Celebrations, the upstairs floor of the barn is another rain alternative for your ceremony.