Catskills Weather

The Weather in the Central Catskills

Unlike coastal cities such as NYC, humidity in the Central Catskills tends to be low in the summer, because of the high elevation, and evenings tend to cool off nicely, even in July and August.

Roxbury’s Average Daytime Temperatures:

May 15th: 66° | May 31st: 71°

June 15th: 74° | June 30th: 78°

July 15th: 80° | July 31st: 80°

August 15th: 78° | August 31st: 74°

September 15th: 70° | September 30th: 65°

October 7th: 63° | October 15th: 60°



Month by Month

First off, the weather is obviously never written in stone. That said, here are some pointers and numbers regarding our upstate weather:

The weather and seasons in the Central Catskills are quite a bit different from downstate New York. Spring and summer start about three weeks later here, late April typically bringing quite a bit of rain. That plus all the melted snow from the previous months really makes it our ‘mud season’, and we would not recommend getting married around here during that time.


By mid May spring has really kicked in, and everything has turned lush and green. That’s when The Roxbury Barn & Estate starts hosting its first events of the year. Early May, averages daytime temperatures are 63°, late May average is 71°.

June’s the time when nature settles down. Temperatures come close to the ideal of not too hot or too cold. The normally warmest week of the year is the third week of July (80°). And even then, evenings tend to cool off nicely. August is the start of harvest time: though it’s pleasantly warm with average monthly maximums in the high 70s, by now we have lost an hour and a half of daily sunlight since the solstice.

As the fourth warmest month of the year, September is only three to five degrees colder than June. We love hosting events in September and early October. Fall foliage starts by mid to late September and usually peaks right at the beginning of October. The second weekend of October concludes our event season: evening temperatures start dropping dramatically after mid October, where as in earlier months evenings tend to be comfortable, and fall foliage also tends to come to an end by the second week of October in the Central Catskills. Good things to keep in mind when planning a wedding in our area!

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