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It’s been two and a half years since the Estate’s owners, Casper and Roger, got married themselves. interviewed the first African-American director to win an Oscar and his husband, on how they met, how they fuel each other’s creative work, and what makes the wedding day feel special.

After seeing so many weddings yourself, what advice would you give to any couple about preparing for the big day?

CB: Make the day fabulous and fun. One person in the couple, any couple, usually gets so stressed out over things that can’t be controlled, like the weather. You got to always remember what the day is really about.

RW: Be in the moment. Enjoy that moment of your life because that day is so unbelievably amazing. If you miss out because you’re too stressed, that’s just such a loss you. Hopefully, you only get married once. So enjoy it.

Read the full interview right here.

Roger Ross Williams and Casper de Boer, owners of The Roxbury Barn and Estate Photo by Anastasia Gaasenbeek

Being a sucker for the intense joy and delicate intimacy that come with the wedding days at our place, we so appreciate the talents of photographers who capture exactly those unique moments. We’re lucky for the special couples who choose our neck in the woods, and for the talented photographers they hire. Emma and Sam are two of those adorably unique people, and their photographer, Lev Kuperman, was the perfect match for their wedding day. Here are just some of his heart-melting shots…

We love the classy finales at our place. Like this sparkler sendoff to the giant bonfire on top of the hill, at Adele and Eong’s wedding this September. From the dance floor to the golden flames under a starry sky they all go. Truly a Big Day!

Thanks to Brian at Divine Light Photography, for the great shots!




Baroque Octets, Jazz Septets, String Quintets, Dixie Quartets, Fiddler Trios, Bossa Nova Duos, the single bagpiper, iPhones hooked up to our portable amp – so much beautiful music has filled our majestic pine grove over the years.

In the duo category, Roxbury’s own Connie Mohar (Accordion) and Jeanne Palmer (Fiddle) are two of our favorites. Their music had our tall red pines gently dancing in the wind. We kid you not.

Photos by Forged in the North





We love a great First Look! Choosing for a First Look (the moment a couple sees each other for the first time in their wedding attire, before the wedding ceremony) offers a bunch of advantages; from the moment being truly personal and intimate, to being able to enjoy the festivities following the ceremony, without being held back for photos. Added bonus: first looks tend to calm any nerves, making all that’s to follow all the more enjoyable.

This first look of Lauren and Anthony’s marvelous wedding, shot by the talented Domenick Michael in our flower garden, is really precious to us. More photos of Lauren and Anthony’s wedding can be found right here.





In the past months, worshipped wedding site Style Me Pretty has featured three (3!!!) weddings that took place at The Roxbury Barn last summer!

Josh Gooden’s amazing photo work of Kim and Nuno’s wedding at The Roxbury Barn, last May, was featured on Style Me Pretty just today!

“From exchanging vows beneath the pine trees, to a laid-back reception complete with a bonfire, this whimsical affair is fit for a fairytale.”

Photo by Josh Gooden   |   Style Me Pretty article

The Vows - photo by Josh Gooden

In December, Style Me Pretty showcased Nicole and Andrew’s late June wedding at The Roxbury Barn, photographed by Clean Plate Pictures.

“Roxbury Barn is quickly becoming a favorite venue of mine. From the rustic ceremony site to its beautiful barn, I’m loving every corner of this hidden gem.”

Photo by Clean Plate Pictures   |   Style Me Pretty article

Style Me Pretty: Nicole and Andrew's wedding at The Roxbury Barn

In November, Style Me Pretty showcased Christie and Tommy’s July wedding, shot by Brigham & Co:

“In the heart of the Catskills, just a hop-skip from where the duo vacations and hunt deer and duck, C&T settled on the serene, woodland property of The Roxbury Barn. And on July 19, 2014, the two said: I do.”

Photo by Brigham & Co.   |   Style Me Pretty article

Style Me Pretty: Christie and Tommy's wedding at The Roxbury Barn

So delighted: The Roxbury Barn pops up three times in this summer’s New York Magazine Weddings Issue! First on the table of contents. Then as the cover photo for the section that introduces the real weddings being featured. And finally as wedding feature itself! Geez Louise!


the reception