Carriage Barn.   Lily Pond.   Pine Grove.   Mountains.   Bonfire.   Magic.

An Enchanted Country Wedding

Established in 1851 by Mississippi riverboat captain William Patterson, The Roxbury Barn’s 42-acre property includes a beautiful three-story carriage barn, open fields, a large roofed pavilion with mountain vista, and a dramatic pine grove, perfect for a ceremony, nicknamed our Natural Cathedral.

Magical barn wedding in the CatskillsWith its lush perennial garden, a series of ponds, stone walls, a rambling brook and acres of maple, oak and pine trees, and an enchanting pine grove as the perfect backdrop for your ceremony, the Roxbury Barn is one of the most extraordinary and romantic settings for a Catskill wedding or special event.

Just a two and a half hours drive from New York City and less than an hour and a half from Albany, The Roxbury Barn is open for events from mid May till mid October, hosting celebrations up to 140 persons in size.

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wedding-venue-rental-feePlanning Your Upstate Destination Wedding

In addition to the stunning carriage barn and grounds, The Roxbury Barn provides tons of help and ideas to realize a perfect country wedding:
— Floor plans with a wide range of seating arrangement suggestions,
— Our much praised Green List: a detailed, independent and reliable quality listing of vendors specializing in catering, wedding cakes, transportation, flowers and bouquets, photography and much more,
— Our Lodging List, offering you and your guests an extensive and detailed listing of over 125 accommodation options in our area.
— Availability all through the year to answer any questions,
— Assistance by our helpful staff during the setup and event days.

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Our Venue Rental Offer: Packed with Services and Facilities

The Roxbury Barn is not just an elegant country venue, but offers a number of included services and a series of great locations and settings to create a divers string of sceneries for your wedding day. Our dramatic pine grove feels like a natural cathedral. We offer a gorgeous pavilion with magnificent mountain vista, perfect for cocktails or as a rain alternative for your ceremony. The 163 year old carriage barn with it’s 25 windows and balustraded top floor comes with beautiful, real restrooms, and with all your dinner tables and chairs, vintage wooden chairs for your ceremony, outdoor furniture, a speaker system, beautiful lighting inside and outside, a designated parking area, all included.

– See our detailed list of all that’s included in our full day wedding venue fee.

– Or find out about our Midweek Elopements.